Do you want to have more fun, gain obedience or add purpose
to what you do with your dog?

Our dedicated, volunteer trainers offer all sorts of classes at our club and can help you with basic puppy training, obedience or even help you on your way to the show ring in obedience or agility. Learning how to communicate with your dog is fundamental in achieving obedience, good behavior and a ‘best mate for life’. Every responsible dog owner should take it upon him or herself to establish some basic skills to bring out the best in their dog so you can trust him and keep him safe and happy.

So if you have a puppy or dog, or are thinking about getting one, contact our club and enjoy the support of like-minded ‘dog’ people. We will do our best to provide you with information and techniques based on our experiences… but ultimately if you spend the time and with the right techniques you will be rewarded.